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B. Bros Excavating Repairs Water Damage

Water damage in a basement of a home can cause serious long-term internal effects if not managed properly. You need B. Bros Excavating LLC to handle it by waterproofing your house.

Able to Provide a Number of Waterproofing Services

Depending on your issue, a number of techniques or services may be necessary to ultimately fix the waterproofing issue. We will communicate with the homeowner or landlord about what is the best course of action to make sure everybody knows what it going on. Trust B. Bros Excavating LLC that we use the best material available because we know that you do not want an inferior job. Some of the services that we might have to implement include:

  • Removal & Cleaning of Old Material
  • Above Grade Waterproofing
  • Caulking & Fire Caulking
  • Chemical Resistant Membranes
  • Vapor/Air/Moisture Barriers
  • Damp Proofing
  • Joint Sealants

Diagnosing the Problem and Developing a Plan

If you are currently dealing with a wet basement or any other type of waterproofing issues, B. Bros Excavating LLC is your best choice for getting it fixed fast and correctly. It does not matter if the structure is a house, duplex or apartment, the professionals at B. Bros Excavating have the knowledge and experience to diagnose the problem, come up with a solution and begin working on implementing the plan.

B. Bros Excavating Cleans Up Mess And Restores Landscaping

When all the waterproofing work is done, B. Bros Excavating LLC will clean up and restore any landscaping issues. We will also clean up any sawdust, empty containers, paper, old siding, wood and anything else that we worked with or on during the process. Often, it is hard to tell that the B. Bros Excavating LLC crew was even at your place because we leave the property so clean and tidy.


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