B Bros Excavating LLC

Site Development in Leechburg, PA, and Apollo, PA


B. Bros Excavating Proudly Offers Our Site Development Services

B. Bros Excavating LLC, is proud to provide site development in Leechburg, PA, and Apollo, PA. Before construction contractors begin construction of a home, business, or a municipal site, our team performs site development. Site development involves a wide array of services.

We have been performing site work, including lot clearing, commercial site preparation, and dump truck service, for many years. Our skilled excavating staff has knowledge of what is necessary for residential, commercial site, and municipal site development. Residents, construction contractor, and local governments can call us at (724) 602-7942 to get an estimate on your site project.

Our Site Development Services in Apollo, PA, Include:

  • Lot Clearing
  • Commercial Site Preparation
  • Dump Truck Service
  • Rock Removal
  • Shrub Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Bush Removal
  • Soil Erosion Control
  • Subgrade Stabilization
  • Ground Leveling
  • Land Grading
  • Rough Grading
  • Final Grading
  • Free Estimates

Trust Our Lot Clearing Experience and Knowledge

B. Bros Excavating offers efficient lot clearing at construction sites as part of our site development service. We clear lots by removing dirt, rocks, bushes, shrubs, plants, shale, silt, structures, and other materials from a construction area. Lot clearing can transform vacant lots, fields, or large areas of land into a space construction companies can build on. Lot clearing can be complicated because of the numerous regulatory and environmental regulations involved. But you can count on us to know those regulations and take steps to meet them.

Our Erosion Control is an Effective Tool Against the Elements

Erosion can become a big problem if you do not take necessary steps to control damage caused by rain and wind. That is why homeowners and business owners call B. Bros Excavating to perform soil erosion control. We can do soil erosion control through sedimentation compliance, design, and maintenance. Our experts can provide long-term solutions. We also pay attention to local, state, and federal requirements. Those guidelines can change from year to year, but we stay updated on the changes.

Clients Can Be Confident in Our Site Development Qualifications

B. Brothers Excavating LLC has the proper license, training, and insurance for site development. Our knowledge and familiarity with excavation, permits, and environmental guidelines are keys to our services. Clients can trust us to do the job correctly and be flexible if changes or problems arise during the project.

Contact us today for site development in Leechburg, PA, and Apollo, PA.